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Welcome to Written Chinese Reader.

Explore, understand and learn Chinese--like you've never experienced before. No memorization or mindless repetition. Just point or highlight Chinese text and let Written Chinese Reader help you understand and learn just the Chinese you need to know.


Scan and Learn

Select only what you want to understand and learn

Written Chinese Reader reads the Chinese aloud in Mandarin (or optional Cantonese). Understand the meaning with English definitions and auto-translations. Works with popular applications. More >



Find the right Chinese word(s) and phrases

Type a word in English, Chinese or Pinyin. Written Chinese Reader finds matching words, phrases and idioms. The Chinese-English-Pinyin dictionary stores over 113,000 entries locally for fast access. More >

Pronounce and Auto-Pronounce


Listen to words pronounced in Chinese

Seeing Chinese words and hearing them read aloud is a powerful combination to quickly learn Chinese. Choose Auto-Pronounce or on-demand to hear the words pronounced again and again. Settings >

Translate into Chinese


Quickly understand a range of text

Written Chinese Reader offers RubyDefs and alternate dictionaries. WebTranslate and MLX Auto-translate to make it easier to understand multiple words, sentences and paragraphs. Settings >

Word lists

List Words

Lookup, Favorites and History

In addition to Lookup, the keep track of Favorites and History. Advanced capabilities help you organize and explore entries. More >

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Written Chinese Reader is available in Standard, Professional, Ultimate and other editions.
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