Choose HighlightScan to quickly understand a range of Chinese text.

Need a quick auto-translation of Chinese text? Select a range of text and the HighlightScan window explains the Chinese text in your emails, documents and websites--even news headlines.


Point and let HighlightScan help you learn Chinese

In the HighlightScan window, the top panel shows:

  • Auto-translation - machine translation of selected text using Google or Microsoft
  • RubyDef - first definition of word from the Chinese-English dictionary
  • Phonetics - Pinyin or Bopomofo
  • Chinese text - with ColorTones

Hover your mouse over any Chinese word on the top panel to see details in lower panel:

  • Pronounce - click speaker icon to hear the word read aloud
  • Phonetics - see how to pronounce the word in Pinyin or Bopomofo
  • Definition - meaning in English (or other languages)
  • Related words - click to lookup related words


Quickly access commonly used functions in the toolbar at the top right corner of the window:

  • Pronounce: read words aloud
  • Copy to clipboard: copy and paste into Word or Excel as a formatted entry (study sheet)
  • Take screenshot: save as a graphic file (JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF)
  • Change settings: personalize Written Chinese Reader
  • Pin to desktop: freeze window on your desktop
  • Close window: closes only this window; the program remains active
  • Favorite: tag word as Favorite



Explore Chinese with a right-click

Explore and see how Chinese is used in music, images, videos and more. On Professional and Ultimate editions, select one or more Chinese characters to create/edit your own definition with usage notes.

  • Lookup: find related words
  • Breakdown: see components of compound words
  • WebTranslate: use Google and Microsoft web services to translate text (ad-supported)
  • Search: find news, videos, images, music, etc. from popular Chinese websites
  • Pronounce: hear words read aloud in Mandarin Chinese (optional Cantonese)
  • Copy+: create a studysheet using selected words and pasting into Microsoft Word or Excel
  • Copy from...: copy only the selected Chinese text, phonetics (Pinyin, Bopomofo) or definition
  • Add/Remove to/from Favorites: tag word as a Favorite
  • Add/Remove to/from History: log word into History list*
  • Word: add/edit definition of selected Chinese words*
  • Export: save Chinese text, definitions and pronunciations into Anki flashcard or other format
*Some settings are available only on Professional and Ultimate Editions.